Remote Field Commander

Do you know what's happening on your jobs, right now?

When you leave a water loss job site, after the initial set-up, anything can happen, and at one time or another probably has! For instance a circuit trips turning off equipment, the owner unplugs equipment, perhaps the drying equipment malfunctions which could cause temperatures to spike or drop, or causes damage to a home. anytime something like these happen it costs you money and time, slows down the drying process and possibly puts you in dispute with adjusters and leaves you liable for damages.

With the Remote Field Commander you can!

What if you got a text message or email any time the power was cut to a piece of equipment, or the temperature got out of range on a job. Would it be beneficial to be able to force equipment on or off remotely, with your phone? Or even change the drying parameters remotely? Would having a non-manipulated documentation make your invoicing more credible?

Take Control of Your Job Site with the Remote Field Commander

In a coffee shop, with a customer, or spending time with your family, with the Remote Field Commander Package you can monitor and control your restoration jobs remotely and spend time being more productive and doing the things you want. Measure air and surface temperatures, relative humidity, moisture and more all from wherever you are.

Programmed to...

How it Works

The RFC comes preprogrammed with industry standards relating to humidity, air temperatures and GPP. The technician on the job simply places the desired number of sensors in the area/material being monitored, plugs in the base station and is done. It takes about 10 minutes.

#1- Each sensor reads air temperature, relative humidity, GPP, moisture Content and Surface Temperature. By radio frequency the information is sent to the Base Station located at the job.

#2- The base station receives data, then transmits that information by cellular satellite (imbedded in the device) to the lead tech's cell phone. also to a server that transmits same information to the RFC website and company's secured charter software. The technician and/or the office staff can monitor progress on the job remotely.

#3- Some or all of the equipment on location can be plugged into the Power Controller cord which is then plugged into a 110volt power inlet. That equipment can now be operated remotely should the drying conditions change and/or preprogrammed to turn on/off based on conditions or customer needs.